"wonderful voice"
                                             "Bell-like voice"                                                                               "great comedic timing"

                  "delightfully seductive"


                                                                                                                                                                              "soaring voice"





" a pleasure to watch and hear"


"Alba Franco-Cancél, a pert soprano from Puerto Rico, was the standout of the evening, with a bell-like voice and outstanding acting skills as the maid and mistress of disguises (both costume and vocal) Despina."
                      -Marcus Overton, The San Diego Union-Tribune      
                                                                                             August, 2017 

Upcoming Appearances
  1. March 29 & 30, 2019
    Lucinda in Dark Sisters / Opera Fayetteville
    Opera Fayetteville presents DARK SISTERS by Nico Muhly. The Opera follows one woman’s dangerous attempt to escape her life as a member of the FLDS Church (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints), a sect that split from mainstream Mormonism in the early 20th Century largely because of the LDS Church’s renunciation of polygamy.
  2. May 11th, 2019 @ 4pm
    Opera SLO Gala Extraordinaire
    Kick-off Mother's Day weekend with this very special Gala featuring OperaSLO Resident Artists Holly Banfield, Alba Franco Cancel, and Amy Goymerac accompanied by OperaSLO Grand Orchestra atthe Performing Arts Center SLO. Kick-off Mother’s Day weekend with this very special Gala featuring OperaSLO’s residents artists, Alba Franco-Cancél, Amy Goymerac and Holly Banfield accompanied by OperaSLOs Grand Orchestra at the Performing Arts Center in SLO. For tickets: https://www.operaslo.org/event-details.php?id=18
  3. May 18th, 2019
    Christine in The Phanton of the Opera / Bari, Italy
    Alba Franco- Cancel will be performing Christine in Phanton of the Opera in Bari, Italy with Imagination Entertainment.
  4. June 28th-30th 2019
    Sara in La Llorona / Opera Cultura
    La Llorona/The Weeping Woman is an award-winning musical drama created by composer Héctor Armienta. The production is based on a folk legend well-known throughout México and the American Southwest. La Llorona is a story of revenge. Armienta’s musical novella is set in México at the turn of the century. Mexican Heritage Theater - School of Arts & Culture @ MHP 1700 Alum Rock Ave. San Jose , CA 95116

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